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Issue #42: 21 Tybi 2758
Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mod 6(.25/.5) 101

Very recently, our dear Oracles have been implementing many new updates with the recent Mod 6, Mod 6.25 and Mod 6.5. These updates bring a whole host of new content, and all disciples of Ankhet are ranting and raving for more. Just came back from a hiatus and became swamped with all of it? Here’s a look at the more interesting, if not infamous, content.

The first thing to note is something new called the Ascendancy, which came about during Mod 6. It dramatically affects the goings-on in Ankhet, depending on whether the Light or Dark is Ascendant. The Ascendancy is changed via a long series of events, which require the player to be on the path of Atum-Ra or Apophis. This also provides some flav text for the Shrine of Atum-Ra/Apophis commune. A few keywords shall be dropped here and now: Black Well. Font of Souls. Sphinx Down. Blood-Stained Ankh.

When the Light is Ascendant, there is another Duel-able Avatar to kill, called the Avatar of Ra. Although on first glance it does not drop much, there is a rare chance it may drop a rare chest. The Apep Avatar also drops a similar chest. These chests may drop really rare items, and 2 of them can be sold at Chuma (an Esoteric Codex and a Moonstone Brooch). Making the Light Ascendant also provides a few more benefits. This reporter won’t spoil much, except to say that the problem of killing Kauket with the Essence Blade you may have in your inventory may finally come to an end.

When the Darkness is Ascendant, two new merchants make their appearance, one in the Floating Market and the other in the Nomad’s Bazaar. The Floating Market Soul Collector collects your soul…literally! (It actually collects your Atum-Ra and Apophis Attunements for something shiny, but that doesn’t sound as good.) The Nomad’s Bazaar Nefarious Merchant trades rare goods. The shiniest thing has to be a giant toad statuette that gobbles up your Kuk Charms. But you have to trade away your Keket Crest for it. Talk about expensive!

Mod 6.25 introduces the Camel Races, a precursor to Mod 6.5. Basically, you can get your own racing camel from the Djinn Ifrit, feed it good food, and you may get some nice and shiny coins. A special merchant, the Rider’s Agora, deals with the coins and trades rare stuff away. The first ever camel race was won by Nameless (N: The Crossroads) in his previous incarnation Croaker (N: Karakorum, Desecrated).

In the Rider’s Agora, there is an option to purchase a Caravan Map for 5 Copper Deben. That can be hard to get, unless you spend time and farm Camel Food, to feed the camel such that it places in the Top 5 every race. But what does the Caravan Map do?

Mod 6.5 addresses that. There is a whole new area called the Southern Trade Route/Southern Frontier, where you have a long list of quests to do. Turns out there are actually Southern Gods, and they really exist. When you get to the city Tin-Buqt, be sure to check out this pumped man called Mahrem. He’ll probably wipe the floor with you, unless you pay attention to your buttons…

Another catch with the Caravan Map is that it can be hard to get. Fortunately, Selket has a proposition: Trade 10 Hydra Bloods for her map to access the Frontier for a limited amount of time. While this helps the newer players access the Frontier easier, getting 10 Hydra Bloods still requires devotion to Ankhet. This trade also helps to serve as a Hydra Blood sink.

Finally, the last thing of note is the Ultra Rare monsters. These are 4 hard-to-encounter boss monsters that appear in certain locations. They can drop really good stuff, but here’s a warning: Although the drop rates are high, the chance to drop percentage is NOT 100%.
Check out Thebes’ Teaser:

One is in a place
That you totally ignore.
Another's hidden where
Only newbs go anymore.

A third lurks in an area
Where TSOTL homages are seen.
And the fourth I'm not telling you
Just because I'm mean.

After a bit of digging, the monsters are now known to be The Shedu, The Apis Bull, Anouke and Cherti. These are really powerful, you may need quite a bit of help from someone. Of note, the first person to defeat all the UR Monsters was Mr. Reign (Karakorum, banned).

That’s all for Mod 6. Keep checking Ankhet for all the latest updates that the Oracles would put out! Most of all, happy adventuring.

Top of the Game

Here are the current Ankhets: (Bold indicates a change from the previous issue)

Ahmose:The Siekhar (71, Light)
Amin-Ra:Eccentric (78, N: Pennant)
Ammut:Vega (96)
Anubis:neminem (82, Karakorum)
Apophis:Sevare (43)
Atum-Ra:JUSTINTYME (100, Monolith)
Bast:PorQ Cheops (87, Karakorum)
Hathor:Gentleman Jack (100, Shadows)
Menthu:errational (97)
Sekhmet:Blue Agave (100, N: Agave Caldera)
Selket:Malarthi Behemoth (82)
Septu:Baltar (86, N: Shadows)
Thoth:Layla (80, The Crossroads)
Dominion:Monolith (542)

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